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Coffee with Creme

Giving me a chance to flex my hand modeling prowess, we teamed up with the content specialists at Create Creme to create the stunning launch content & branding that you see on No.2’s website. Ecommerce shots, social media & lifestyle photography (& Creme also turned my Canva designs into print ready box designs, too) - working with Creme was a dream team collaboration & I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results!

Visual Identity Coming to Life

One of the reasons I created No.2 was because so many bathroom products not only don’t work, but they look hideous. They’re in pink plastic packaging, plastered with the word ‘poo’ or in Glen 20-type aerosol cans that you hide away from sight. No.2 is a stunning, chic bathroom product that you’d be proud to display, & so capturing that essence in our launch photography was incredibly important. Creme nailed it, of course, with a ‘biscotti’ background, interchanged with a textured tile, using mandarins & orange blooms for pops of colour (that also showcase some of the hero scent notes in No.2 Perfume Drops).



Behind the scenes

Creme shot the campaign & launch photography at The Ware Studio in Brookvale, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. We also used goodies from local brands Whitehouse Flowers & Harbord Fruit Shop (cute!) 

I absolutely loved the experience working with Creme agency, & highly recommend their fabulous team (also, their instagram is a constant stream of inspo)