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The Story Behind No.2

Banish the crass, embrace the classy. Have you ever really had a look at the products in this sector? Probably not, it’s a weird category to be researching. I started looking around myself after being imprisoned in my apartment with two boys during consecutive lockdowns in 2020 Sydney, Australia. (Okay, I wasn’t ‘imprisoned’ - I totally stayed by choice & for the safety of the community), but the prolonged close-quarter living with a single lavatory left much to be desired.

I tried everything from sprays to candles to diffusers to drops, most of which were made out of plastic, encasing chemical synthetic fragrances in ugly packaging, where the product name itself usually had the word ‘poo’ in the title (ew)! Safe to say that very few actually worked to eliminate unwanted smells, & you certainly didn’t want to have these plastic, eyesore products on display in your bathroom sanctum.

Cue No.2 post-flush perfume drops. I started making my own formulas as a bit of a hobby (wow does that sound sad? Haha) & that quickly turned into a quest for desirable packaging that I would be proud to display. We’ve long used the euphemism ‘Number Two’ in our household, & so the name was struck & I tinkered away on a logo that represented the drops in the water. I’d line up unmarked bottles of products in the loungeroom & insist on blind fragrance tests with friends. About 12 months later, No.2 was born after I mixed a fragrance that I loved, one that made our bathroom smell of an Italian citrus garden.

No.2 sits pretty atop your bathroom shelf & it’s the ‘aromatic assurance’ you need to keep your reputation intact. I quickly realised how desirable the product was, not only for beautiful home bathrooms, but for workplaces, venues & (much to my amusement) gifts!

Made from a beautiful blend of essential oils, No.2 drops are pipetted into the toilet bowl post-flush to reveal notes of Mandarin, Geranium, Bergamot & Lemon Myrtle. No.2 is vegan, cruelty free & synthetic fragrance free, & made in Australia, too. The formula base is made from sugar cane, & the bottle itself is refillable, making No.2 not only stylish & effective, but much friendlier when it comes to the planet.