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Elevating your space with Sourced Styling Studio

Sophie Kuceli, the Creative Director behind Sourced Styling Studio, has styling prowess we can only dream of having! Sophie has taken the time to share her tips for seasonal changes to elevate your space.



Summer has well and truly arrived, so bring in the new season for your space.

I often find myself embracing the wabi-sabi philosophy for my home when recreating the space. For those of you who don't know, Wabi-Sabi is the acceptance of beauty found within the imperfection. Beginning here allows me to start simply, making do with what i have.

For getting your spaces ready for summer and autumn, it's time to let the light in. Maybe this means changing out your blockout curtains for some light shades of linen, allowing the natural light to flow through.

The next step for me - bring nature back inside, use what you have around you. If you've got beautiful eucalyptus or olive trees outside, trim these branches and place them in different sized vases throughout your space. Go to your local markets and find the best flowers in season, place them in the vessels you have. The best way to do this is to trim and divide them up into the sizes you have. (You don't need to go out and buy new vases). You could even use the leftover jars that are sitting in the back of your cupboard. These will give character and personality in all of your settings. Another fun way to bring colour in, is by in-season fruits and vegetables - place these in a big timber fruit bowl in the middle of your setting.

As winter is usually the mood for deep colours, chunky throws and warmth, I will usually start to replace these by collating my lighter weighted throws and cushion covers throughout my home. If it's still cool where you are, keep your chunky throws close, maybe in wicker basket next to the sofa. The space can then be styled with a cooler season in mind, but the throws are close enough to pull out when you need.

Appreciate the beauty in the pieces we maybe once saw as worn. It doesn't have to be perfectly curated. Think of what brings comfort, calmness and creativity into your space

The thing I love about the Wabi-Sabi concept and using this in the stages of elevating my space, is that it celebrates the pieces with a story attached. The handmade, no brand, found pieces. When creating your space, let it be a muse for all of your senses. A place for gathering and connecting with family and friends. A place to be slow and quiet. Explore the imperfect pieces, and place them throughout your home - it could be as small as changing the books and objects on your coffee table once a week.

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