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Jennifer Coolidge's loo🚽

Only a few A-listers would have me scouring Sydney, charming security personnel & building a bizarre scavenger hunt to get No.2 Co into their bathroom. White Lotus star Jennifer Coolidge is one such A-lister who, on a trip to Sydney & shoot for Harper's Bazaar, posted an announcement video glamorously from her LOO.
Of course, it then became my mission to *somehow* get a bottle of No.2 Co to her. 
So, how does one go about celebrity gifting? 3,688 of you were equally invested in this journey over on Instagram, so here's how we did it!
I messaged every single person I knew who had ANY connection with the celebrity, media or major events space.
My friend Anna made the educated guess that she would be staying at The Park Hyatt. "That's where all the celebrities stay" she said, tea in hand as I turned our social catch up into a Mission Impossible strategy meeting.
Alongside half of Sydney, we raced to buy tickets to her 'In Conversation' event & I packed up six bags of No.2 Co with the theory that we can 'gift from multiple angles' (perhaps an intern could pass it on?) My hand nearly dropped off from writing variations of a note to put inside the bags. I abandoned many because they sounded too crass, too fake or too hopeful!
Our first hurdle was security, who were initially suss about my plethora of bags but waved us through with a laugh when I said it was a gift for Jennifer. 
Next? We confidently walked up to a stairwell that, we guessed, led to the green room. We white-lied that we had been asked to drop the bags off 😅. The security guy pretended to not know what we meant by "greenroom" & we had to abandon the attempt, hopes dashed slightly.
We were running out of people to ask, so for the next attempt, I opted for honesty. Striding up to three venue staff behind a desk, I simply asked if there was any way I could get a bag to Jennifer.

“Sure! It’s a gift?” They said, and added it to a small basket of items to be taken to Jennifer’s room.
It got to her. I can't quite believe it! Whether she opened it is another question entirely 😂. I'd like to think that No.2 Co is sitting pretty on her bathroom shelf & we'll get a call from her someday soon 😉
- Jess

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